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About Me

A. Elizabeth is a writer and an artist who not only enjoys theater, singing (though she's not very good), and dance, but also drawing, painting, and writing.  As a writer, she likes to write things that makes her readers think and to encourage them to make sound, just, and right decisions in life that are full of integrity and doesn't just go by the norm.

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Our Books

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Yahtai And The Purple Vine
Price $9.99
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The Flower Garden
Price $24.99
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There’s No Mystery Like No History
Price $19.99

Books 2 Read

Feedback is always welcome.  Please comment in our comments section your opinions regarding any books as well as any ideas for future books on topics you would like addressed.

Yahtai is about to plant a garden, but when she recieves an exotic new plant from her two friends, will she be able to have the patience to wait for it to grow or will she lose the plant altogether.

Yahtai and the Purple Vine

The Flower Garden is the most exotic in the world.  But when one flower gets deemed the most beautiful in the garden, will the plants destroy each other competing for its beauty.

The Flower Garden

Students are given a school assignment of presenting their history and cultural heritage.  But the African-American students do not seem to have one. Six students seek to find their heritage or fail the project.

There's No Mystery Like No History
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